February 12, 2023
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September 24, 2018

Dear Classmates,

Thank you for helping us keep up our class website for another 4 years!!! 

We can still use your help. In the past, several of you have sent me notifications of deaths of our class members.  Please continue to do so, as well as provide other news that can be shared with classmates.

Welcome to Glenn Goltz, who has graciously come alongside so as to add obituaries and photos you submit.  (We also use the weekly BBG newsletter to get information. Thank you, Bill Schley!!)  

You may send photos to Glenn via his email: glenngoltz@gmail.com    Or, you can upload photos yourself by following the directions.  

You can send obituaries to Glenn or to me by email or through this website. (Contact Us)

In addition, we would love to hear from you!  Have you moved?  How's your family? What hobbies have kept you busy lately? David Williams has set us an example recently that you can see at this website (see "Guest Book").  And if you haven't entered your name and photo in the "Classmates" section, please consider taking a few minutes to do that, as well.  

Thanks again for your support for this website!






Please go to the "Classmates" page to enter your contact information and a "now" photo. (You or we will enter your "then" photo. See where everyone lives! Click on the map to find out! You can search by maiden name, last name, first name, etc. Very fun!

Check out your "Senior photos"  and the "Photo albums"!!  

Keep in touch ("Contact us" or "Guest book ") 

In Memoriam:  If you have an obituary to share of one of our classmates, Glenn Goltz would be happy to post it at our website.  If you see errors or have updates on the names of the deceased at the end of the obituary section, please also let me know at the "contact us" section. Thanks!

The Blackshirt Breakfast Group is a fun group that includes WHS graduates and teachers/coaches. The weekly breakfast is held at  8:29 am Fridays at The Spot on Broadway (East Five points).  To access the weekly email newsletter and photography please email BBG@wschley.com and ask to be put on the mailing list.  It's a great way to keep up with classmates, teachers, coaches, and Waukesha trivia. Several of our classmates are on the leadership committee.To say thanks to Bill for keeping up this site, please contact Bill Schley at the above email or at wschley@wi.rr.com.

Blackshirt Clothiers-
  • Looking for that special class reunion souvenir? How about a nice T shirt $13, golf shirt $22, sweatshirt $24 or cap $16! For an additional $4 charge you can have the items sent directly to your home in just a few days. These items all come with the Blackshirt mascot, "Waukesha South Blackshirts", and even your name and grad year embroidered on them. Pick the color you want, red, white or black, the choices are all yours! Blackshirt Clothiers (Allen Garrett '60Tom Putz '60) can take your order at the weekly Blackshirt Breakfast.  Out of towners, call Allen 262-691-1882 or Tom at 262-542-7537.   Photos of shirts are on "Reunion Store" page.
Waukesha, all praise to thee;
Praise to thee in word and song.
Thy light shall ever be a beacon clear and strong.
We will always work and fight
To uphold thee in thy might
We shall guard thy fame and adore thy name
Waukesha, all praise to thee!
DISCLAIMER: This website is strictly for your enjoyment and entertainment.  It is an effort to bring back special memories of our high school and an effort to help the classmates of 1962 contact one another.  We in no way mean to offend anyone viewing this website, with its contents or its images.  The information in this website has been obtained by sources we deem reliable, and we have no way to guarantee its accuracy.
Candy contacted me this summer.(see below).  Neither Glenn nor I have a compilation of our class's email addresses. Sandy, do you?   I do have the  booklet we received at our last reunion.  

THere have been great ideas of places for reunions listed in the weekly newsletter Bill Schley sends out.  

Please be in touch with CAndy if you would like to help!  I think some of us would prefer a summer reunion to a fall reunion. 

Name: Candy Amidon Loden 

E-mail: candyloden@aol.com 
Telephone: 4148286879 
Comments: A few of us are trying to set up a class reunion for next year, we need help with getting all the emails of the class mates so we don’t spend money on mailing invitations and save the date post cards. Is there anyone who has that info.
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