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Adams, Cheryl: Get stuck on doorknobs much?
Adams, Jeff: You got a million of them!
Adams, Mike: What's a Penny from heaven?
Albrecht, Bonnie: Remember Mr. Mitchell's chem class?
Allen, Dan:  Done much reading at the library lately?
Allen, Jim:  Ava good time.

Amidon, Candy: She gets her kicks at the Pix
Anders, Don: He thinks Jill's a "Shiner"
Anderson, Steve: Speaks Spanish with a southern  accent
Andre, Jerry: Soon to return to merry old France
Assmann, Sue: She goes for every Tom, Dick and Son
Austin, Carol: Second hour Speech's own comedienne

Bahr, Sandy: She's just a little weed
Barth, Jim: A great reporter
Bassler, Charles: Go fishing much?
Bauman, Karen: Wey" Hey" Bow the man down.
Becker, Jane: Her "file" is beckoning
Beling, Ed: Rabbi is one guy who likes Nikita
Bennett, Bruce: When in need "contact" Bruce

Berger, Jerry: What kind? Why a "ham"-berger!
Bergo, Pat: The future Suzie Wong?
Besasie, Donna: She's got a certain ring to her
Bethke, Keith: Fall down cliffs much?
Bishop, Judy: Her favorite game is hide 'n'seek.
Biwer, Mary: Make like a wheel, Beav!
Blackstone, Anne: With all the choosey people, it's  tough not to be "perfect"

Blank, Mary Jane: She's through "bobbin'" around
Blankenburg, Fred: How's your gorilla?
Blanton, Jim: What's so tough about Friday nights out?
Block, Tom: He's a big one---tallest at South
Boeck, Bruce: So talkative on "native" panels.
Bohen, Mary: She wrestles with a Harder opponent.

Booth, Charlotte: Pennies from Cleveland
Bosanec, John: Never do today what you can do tomorrow
Bralit, Rosalind: How come not in the alley at 5:30?
Brandt, Bill: Never could settle down; either from CMH  or Central
Bratcher, Phil: How's that "not" helicopter?
Brauch, Raymond: Ray of light?

Brechlin, Bill:Why did he wrestle the bear at the  carnival?
Brenner, Al" How's the pork chop business?
Brierton, Phil: Fubar, remember the basement of the Beta House.
Brinkman, Barb: Which shall it be---average, medium, or  Norm?

Brock, Dick: Why didn't you go?
Brown, Steve: Get your pin, Steve?
Brownell, Bob: Just bobbin' along
Budzein, Bob: "Squeenee Pie."
Buege, Judy: A blond beagle with blue eyes is very rare. Catch it.
Buley, Bob: Thirty days hath September, April, May  and we know who

Bunevich, Elaine: she likes to pound a Tom-Tom
Burda, Martin: What will WHS do without him?
Burgess, Nancy: What does she see in Boys Tech?
Burie, Nancy: Don't panic
Burnett, Ron: Don't block this "punch"
Burrows, Judy: She goes for the wrong hills.
Butler, Jim: Talk much?
Butterfield, Carolyn: What kind of a disease is MZ?

Cahill, Tim: He's neat. Just ask him.
Callies, Donna: What were you doing in U-Tell    Saturday?
Campbell, Nancy: Campbell loves Sam Soup
Carlson, Karen: She's not TIMid with her new  Truiumph
Carpenter, Dawn: She's still crazy about "Butch" 

Carpenter, Jerry: Does he like to sing?
Case, Steve: He's out on one.
Casper, Paul: Ghosts in the family?
Chase, Sue: Do you do much studying?
Civers, Arlin: Chibbs

Christianson, Carl : The man with the shades
Ciszek, Eileen: What's this about strange men coming  to her doors?
Ciszek, Jerry: Go to many movies?
Cloninger, John: Mr. Roberts tripped over a Black stone
Coleman, Carol: "Purity 13" her password
Comstock, Jim: He's a Schlei one
Conrad, Norm: Even after prison camp he's still  shagged by BARBedwire

Cook, Joe Some say a little and mean much; others  say much and mean little
Cook, Tom: Cartwright'
Courtney, Karen: The nicest smile in Waukesha
Cronin,Jim: Which is it, Pat or Gail?
Csedo, Joe: Stop using that greasey kids' stuff
Church, Mary Joe: Eureka!

Dale, Mary: Judy Cahill's her best friend
Dahl, Arthur: Thou "art" a "dahl"
Dalton, Rob: He gives dancey lessons in his Opel
Danner, Cynthia: She's Raydiant 'cause she's got Kacz
Davies, Barb: Siz page essay test, huh?
Davies, Jeff: Ride on any "hoods" lately?
Davis, Dan: A great artist
Deatrick, Bob: Go, go, go with Wisco, eh Bobby?
DeCabooter, Nelson: How about that hot car?

Denz, Mary: That horse was the hamp thrower
Dettmering, Alan: "Koen" Alan go to the "top" with  Jean?
Deuchers, Jim: "Duke of Earl."
Dickman, Jim: You hot dog you
Dixon, Bill: How many weeks has it been?
Doege, Richard: Light-footed, light-headed
Doern, Myron: Stinky used to be on the Gleem  commercial

Doil, Arthur: See Dahl, Arthur
Domnie, Roger: That's all Rose
Dooley, Al: Dools has pools of water---all over the  Photo Lab
Doughty, Ken: Talk kmuch?
Doughty, tim: Plays football
Doyle, Vivian: Laugh much?
Dvorak, Vicky: She's just "Ducky"

Egan, Bernie: Look out for '52 Chevs
Eggie, Ken: Who's an EGGhead?
Eiler, Marti: And how do you like bus trips?
Ellertson, Jean: She'll have "contacts" at college
Elifson, Steve: Any relation to a certain Latin teacher?
Elliot, Kathye: B plus D equals F-U-N
Engel, Myrna: She's Philling up in Problems
Engman, Darlene: She's taking up Cooking
Evans, Eddie: Heads or tails---he never loses with  Nichols

Evans, sally: Sally dallies with Don
Evert, Margie: She's Navy bound but enjoys it
Everts, Glen: Shot-gun of South Campus
Ewert, Loretta: Parlez-vos Francais?
Fahje, Joyce: "Ill show you how!"
Farness, Steve: Just call him tex
Fellrath, Sandi: She likes to "gerrymander."

Felske, Dennis: He really likes school
Fenske, Marilyn: "Good morning, Marilyn."
Figi, Lane: "Thank you for coming!"
Fill, Gaylord: Filled?
Fillion, Frances: THE Senior Quip writer
Finger, Linda: Thought you liked Terry cloth?
Firth, Sandy: she 'goes out the window' for Jim
Flatt, Dick: Not round, not square, but.....

Fleck, Hildegard: She's got a herd
Folger, Jim: He's always CONNiving
Fordham, Jan: Farnham and Fordhamthose two are  pretty close----
Frank, Art: He's a weiner
Friemanis, Ingrid: "I wanna get married!"
French, Kenny: He gets up with the "Dawn."
Fritzler, Jean: Fritz wants to go into show business

Gabrysiak, Mary: She says she's "gunna" learn to wrestle
Galloway, Dick" What's he going to do with his "gal  away?"
Gamber, Ron: "Gee, you walk funny, Ron."
Ganster, Ken: Is there a "G" missing in his last name?
Garins, Egils: How's Eulala Baby?
Garvens, Sherryl: She's hearing bells
Garvens, Judy: Name's to be shortened from 4    letters to 3---period

Geiger, Jeanne: Her favorite sport is Resseling
Geis, Judy: She drives a swingin' car==with or  without brakes
Gerlin, Nancy: She Tans easily with Wayne
Giese, Susie: She's crazy for Navy blue
Glaessner, Dave: What happened to Mr. Magoo?
Gliniecki, LeRoy: "Glibee"

Goetz, Donna: She always Goetz results
Goltz, Glenn: What a Wulff our leader is
Goodden, Bob: Was it carbon paper, Bob?
Gorell, Phyllis: Are there really feeble-minded people that are married?
Gottheardt, Tom: "Carry on Nurse"
Grabowska, Ray: Don't lean on the wall?
Green, Charlotte: "Bring home the Butternut bread,  Fred"

Green, Dick: He painted the town green on St.  Patrick's night
Greenwald, Barb: She's got a bad case of the  Willies
Greenwald, JoAnne: Sure miss those slumber  parties of the Smile's
Gross, Sharon: Someone uses the peroxide bottle,  Wonder who?

Grover, Eulala" Is your name really Hawaiian?
Grubich, Louis: What's with all the hitch-hiking?
Gruett, Donna: What's with all these DANdy phone  calls on school time?
Grunewald, Lloyd: Visit Rode's much?
Gutsmiedl, Joan: No more counting heads on the  bus
Gygax, Sally" Favorite book---The Wizard of Oz

Halama, Kathy: "Hello Crash"
Hall, Francis: He gets the worm 'cause he never  goes  to bed at night
Hall, Keith: Who's the boy that looks like himn?
Hall, Ken: That's the boy that looks like him?
Halsey, Barb: Barbed much?

Hamilton, Ann: She has a Honey of a Tone
Hamilton, Mike: Who's his shadow?
Hamp, Don: HAMPermuch?
Hanke, Kathy: Aaa---choooo!
Hanson, Dave: Was it the wright move?
Hanson, Gary: He's an all-around sport.
Harcus, Don: Does he still like hospitals?

Harder, Ron: He does everything in a big way
Hartling, Bill: He's got an inkling of a heart
Hartman, Roberta: How is Wayne and his trained  June  bug, Castro?
Hassler, Don: How come he moved?
Hauser, Jean: Jean, how's your....
Hawkins, Mary: She's in the Army now
Headley, Pam: She's CHUCKed up another victory
Heilman, Janine: Denny plays. Fans roar. Janine  cries.
Hein, Barb: Still Daryling

Heinen, JoAnne: Remember Imogene (I.) Snoop?
Heller, Kathy: Look before you back.
Henderson, Bob: No comment
Hendricks, Mary Ellen: She doesn't need new SHOES. She's got a CART full
Hensley, Mike: His Prom plans were deLained.
Hernandez, Bob: Is he Irish?
Herek, Tom: Know Jerry?

Hilton, Dan: Muscles
Himmelwright, Lorilee: the troublemaker
Hink, Barb: Caller binker Dinker Doo and watch her  face turn blue
Hinkes, All: Tell us about those ducks Winger!
Hirsch, Judy: She's got a burr in her net!
Hoese, Glenn: He's a plehn guy
Hoffman, Jim: Truant much?
Hoffman, Sue: Her house is where great things are  build (floats)

Hofmann, Judy: She's always 'milling' around E.  Broadway
Holmes, Lee: Tell us about that scar on your hand
Hood, Jim: Sing us a song---maybe "Cindy, Oh  Cindy."
Hopf, Jeff: Famous last words: Get thee to a  nunnery!
Horn, Paula: She's got a JAY-bird

Holz, Chris: "Sophie" is a cracy teen-age driver
Howitt, Jim: How is that....?
Huebner, Joe: Who's the Doll he's going with?
Huerth, Paulette: Drive into snow banks very often?
Hunter, Carolyn: This sailor is joining the "yat" club
Hurula, John: Does he still like "Holly and  mistletoe?"

Ingwersen, Barb: Does she still like Dolls
Irwin, Ginny: She'd rather carry her toga than wear it
Islo, Henry: The mad scientist!Italiano, Louise:  Geez,  Louise!

Jagielski, Karen: Done much BOBing in the pool  lately?
Jamison, John: How Corny is he?
Janka, Beerly: She wants boxing gloves for  graduation
Jaquest, Eugene: He not only digs French, he  buried  it.
Jarowsky, Doris: A big name for such a little girl
Jaske, John: Went all the way to SAYLESville to get  a      Nero, but he came back with a Powell.

Jay, Keith: He's blowin' his Horn for Paula
Jenista, Jim: "JJ"
Jenkins, Bob: After track he can Brew 'er
Jensen, Jack: Does his Caroling all year round
Jerome, Karen: Favorite song: Buzz, Buzz, A  Doodiles
Johannes, Jim: "Johannesbur, Johannesburg, Johannesburg!"

Johnson, Beth: Who's her "Buddy" now?
Johnson, Carol: Spy on parties much?
Johnson, Karen: The one girl who tried to get by  without Am. Probs.
Johnson, Larry: What's so interesting outside the  band  room after lunch?
Johnson, Dick: What do you mean---check my oil?
Jones, Allen: He gets sea sick
Jung, Larry: He'll never grow old as long as he  stays  Jung

Kaczmarek, Ray: 'No hablar ethpanol!
Kemp, Ken: Is that what he does in the summer?
Kant, Carol: She wants a Mickey for graduation
Karl, Jean: She's one of the flock 'cause she's got a  Shepherd
Kawatski, John: Big Bad?
Kennedy, Dave: Any relation?
Keuper, Carol: Partin is such sweet sorrow
Key, Bill: A very "bright" boy---
Kleist, Sandy: Remember home-ec?

Knapp, Ron: Rap Snap's very lighted-headed
Knoebel, Alan: Has he been collecting his "Base Hits?"
Knoebel, Joan: Scream for Scrima
Koch, Joan: How does it feel to be in a triangle?
Kohlhaas, Al:  This Joe-Swim should wear a suit more often.
Kohlhaas, Chuck: How's Rosie?
Koller, Dave: He's buttered down all right
Kratchowill, Dan: He sure can carry on nice  conversations
Krumpotick, Susan: Boy, can she play golf?

Kroske, Sherry: Who's "Loh" man on her totem pole?
Krueger, Mike: How will Coack Bestor ever get along  without him?
Kubinek, Bob: His mind's a "blank"
Kuehn, Pat: She's everybody's mommy, eh mom?
Kuiper, Dick: Boy, does he like cheerleaders.

Laak, Margie: Still waitin' for her bill.
LaFave, Georgia: "Go-Jimmy-Go"
Latz, Bill:Boy, I could kill that Roy Birk
Lauer, Mike: The King
Lawrence, Al: Star of BAA
Le Duc, Susie: Miss Beloit
Lehnigk, Gene: "Conceited honey"
Lemke, Pat: The Presbyterian Kid
Keppla, Leslie: "Anita"

Ley, Dick: He's as big as his heart is
Lilly, Shirley: Remember the overnight party?
Lind, Richard: Open the door...
Lindhorst, Dennis: Knoght of the Library Round Table
Lindner, Roger: Drive wild much?
Lipoma, Sammy: A star of the movie crew
Livangood, Louanne: Is she "livangood?"
Lohman, Al: Kaboom!
Long, Ken: Wait till Chauncey's beats Beckers
Longrie, Linda: Patched jeans, splashed jeans, short  jeans, Long jeans

Loomis, Eddie: Yep, I plan to be a farmer
Lovejoy, Lea: Three down----one to go!  Psssssssss-
Luedtke, Richard: He's in the swim of things
Lugo, Marie: I like black hair
Lundy, Janet: Le gusta ussted la fiesta?
Luther, Dick: Don't hit me. I'll go back!
Lutz, Wendy: She's got her Jack-in-a-box

Maher: Can I give you a back-rub?
Major, Jackie: She likes riding in "koeppen's road  smasher
Marcic, Janet: The pep at Pep Club
Maretech, Joe: One of Metzner's men, part-time
Marks, Lynn: She leaves her Marks
Marlow, Rick: He's becoming an under-water basket  WEAVER at Pewaukee Lake  
Martin, Madelon: Marti mingles mit Mickey
Maske, Linda: Hire the Handicapped, Linny!
Matson, Don: Who's on the e Mat, Son?
Maul, Jacquie: She's in the swim with Tim
Maule, Sally: Please don't male those kids in pool class
McCaffery, Ralph: Another Farmer
McCann, Sandy: She really can McCann can

McChesney, Charlene: What happened to that little mouse in gym class?
McGavock, Nancy: She's Hoep about Butch
McGee, Denny: Playing it from both ends, huh?---  South and Central
McGivern, Kathy: Jim dandy? Not anymore!
Mehling, Peter: Just what has he been Mehling lately?

Merritt, Ann: Just who hae you been going out with?
Merschdorf, Mike: He has his troubles on the bus.
Mesa, Ann: She doesn't mes around
Messerveyt, Richard: "Tom Thumb"
Messman, Rick: Run, Run. Pant, pant
Meyer, Ken: Ken he do it?
Miller, Mike: Mr. Duckett's son, the Kangaroo Kid
Miller, Nancy: Hello, Splash!

Mills, Ellis: Who really has his ring?
Moertl, Bud: Explain lust to us Bud. Grandpa said it  was okay
Momoi, Terry: Dig those crazy rubber worms
Monroe, Bev: Let me in, wee-oop!
Montez, Tom: Don't Tredo on me
Mooney, John: Does he come out at night?
Moore, Tom: We toast to future success witha Tom  and Geri

Morgan, Mary: She's a Beta girl now.
Mortier, Maxine: How's Snacks?
Moyer, Allen: His hair is pretty straight. Maybe he  needs a Toni
Mueller, Melvin: The milkman?
Murray, Gerald: Furry Murray
Myers, Bonnie
Maylou, Judy: Pound many nayls?

Neidar, Meala: Pete put Venus in orbit
Nero, Betty: She's at WHS, but her heart's at CmH
Nettesheim, Dan: Danny Hawk's going to get his hair  cut
Nettesheim, Frances: Why is she so glad to see the  mail?
Nettesheim, Reginald: Was Reginald at the regionals?
Neubert, William: Willam J. Neubert to be exact!
Newbury, Jerry: Whe's the Stein in his Hart?

Newby, Claude: Frenchy's the school's best Horse  player
Newstrom, Jim: "I'm cool; I wear sunglasses
Newton, Kathy: She likes plays---especially Mr Roberts,  or does she?
Nichols, Cheryl: Believe in sixth grade romances?
Nielson, Pat: "Soldier boy, I'll be true to you??"
Novakovich, Kay: Thirteenth what?
Nuland, Darrell: He's seeing red.

Oldenburg, Bob: What's so attracting about  hamBERGers?
Oliver, Al: Draw me a funny man, Albie
Olson, Al: Is backstage more fun than ----?
Ortman, Terry; Sandy and Candy don't mix
Ostheider, Mike: Did he learn a lot in Chicago?

Ossman, Charlotte: She TERR's around in that  white '59 Corvette
Ottum, Shirley: What's her nickname---Nimble-  fingers?
Overhold, Hope: Mistakes can be made in the dark
Owen, Kathy: Horses are her speialty
Owen, Mary Sue: Tell us about all the nice people    you met in Florida?

Page, George:That cool convertible is not frigit
Page, Linda Lou: You don't tackle in baseball
Panawash, Darlene: She has a dog named  Steverino
Pari, Lynn: The field's clear now
Parshall, Rich: Prom -foiled again---all on account of those Sophs!
Patzer, Dick: How're KK and the children?
Pauer, Sandy: Is there a Donald Duck in Germany?
Pierce, Alec: Red pants anyone?
Pease, Shirley: Why is she always in North Prairie?
Peffer, Sue: "Run-around-Sue?"

Peil, Dennis: Dennis Peil Schultz
Peterman, Bob: What has he got in common with Esther Williams?
Peterson, Bud: Fearless Lelader
Pettit, Mike: Sleeping Jesas
Pichotta, Don: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizzaa pie, that's Pichotta?

Pierner, Jackie: Three Jim's in a row and you're out.
Pillsbury, Phillip: Does your mommy make cake mixes?
Plehn, Clare: A Cappella's own
Podoll, Dave: You can still go CAROLing in Washington
Pope, Russell: "My mother is here with my lunch"
Powell, Margie: She fell over a stump the harder way
Powers, Ron: The 10th graders think they've got it  bad, M.L

Prelec, Sharon: She plays golf like it was tennis
Pritzl, Georgianne: Pritz gets her kix at the Pix
Prochnow, Kass: "Who me?  Why Lea.-----"
Promer, Peggy: Do you like picnics or something?
Pugh, Betsy: She;s all Hearts
Pulvermacher, Linda: Remember the Fan Dance!
Pyle, Nan: She sure can Pyle up a lot of things.
Quigley, Terry: What a Q-T! Look in the Meg!

Raasch, Gary: Three plus five doesn't equal eight in his book
Radosevich, Karen: She has a talent for "Scorching" things
Ramos, Dave: He can smell it a mile away
Rausch, Marie: Where is your ankle bracelet now?
Ravenscroft, Rita: "poe's no relation to me," quoth she.
Ream, Pat: Dave is her slave

Reega,Ron:BW,JG,SS,MD,KR,BS,BC,MP,BS,GR,CS,MW,GL,JS,MB,MZ,SW. Who did we miss, Ron?
Regenfuss, Franklyn: The Cool One
Rehder, Sarah: Sarah milks cows
Reitz, Karl: He's a whiz in SOCIAL problems.
Rentmeester, Gail: An assistant Girl Scout Leader?
Reynolds, Gail: Her KK isn't in Madison
Rex,Bill: World's Greatest Baseall Player
Rich, Dennis: Is he really?
Richardson, Monty: SF,KM,JO,PH,MD. Done much school work?

Riebow, Jeff: McDonald's pride and joy!
Riemer, Barb: She's made her mark.
Riemer, Mike: King of the Point
Ries,Jan: She's really cout for a Winn this time
Ries, Jo-ann: Ische or isn't she stuck on the soph veep?
Riewe, Mary: How do you find nightcrawlers?
Rilat, Rosemarie: Say, what are dingleweeds?
Roberts, carole: She didn't have to climb a stalk for her  Jack.

Roberts, Nancy: Who ever said she could ride horses?
Roder, Ruth: She's out BOBbing again
Rodriguez, Mike: Everything was Mary for awhile
Roessger, Bill: They call him "Curly"
Rohloff, Carl: Kock one up for him.
Ross, Helen: Did you have a sister that made a flag?
Ruck, Helen: A pretty face assures her of a black olds convert every time
Runge, Richard: Gonna make it?

Sambs, Kathy: Samb's a lamb in school--but at night...
Sanchez, Dolores: Does she love Miss P?
Sand, Juanita: Mr. Roberts ranks high here.
Sather, Buzz: And forty thousand nights hit the floor!
Sather, Skip: He's Sub-Irvine things.
Sayles, Bonnie: When at first you don't succeed--try, try again.
Sayles, Clara: Problems was no problem for her.
Sayles, Janice: Visit Clark stations without a car much?
Schaefer, LaMont: Madame DeFarge of the track team.
Schanz, Barb: I'm smart; just ask me!
Scheets, Dorothy: Has she ever milked a cow?
Schickowski, Jim: He went a whole year without getting Mad

Schiller, Gene: Playboy plus!
Schiller, Fred: Happy to be all tied up with Sue
Schlei, Judy: Is it preferred stock or Comstock?
Schley, Bill:
Schluter, Dale: How's the car-wash business?
Schmidt, Ann: Long-legged Annie
Schmidt, Bill: And then along came Linda
Schmidt, Jack: Miss school? Who me? I'm coming back
Schmidtz, Paul: Mr. Dybvad's favorite friend
Schmuki, Betsy: What a Star.
Schneider, Eric: "No comment."

Schober, Ted: How's your girlfriend?
Schopf, Karen: Work's not so bad with Bob on the job
Schreiner, Charlie: How's Ukee the Albino?
Schreiner, Jill: Anders another thing....
Schroeder, Barb: I don't sweat, smoke, or drink.
Schubert, Sandy: They call her SCHU Bee for short
Schuetze, ARt: Mr. Ford.
Schuetze, Larry: Madison Time with Debbie.
Schultz, Allen: I sit with my honey in the library second hour.

Schultz, Dale: He goes for younger women (7th grade)
Schultz, Dave: "Darts: and "showers" is his specialty
Schultz, Ferd: "See Ferd (seifert)."
Schultz, Melody: She would dye for Eddie.
Schwenner, Toni: To her, Minor things are considered just that.
Schwerin, Don: I got an A in stage crew.
Scopp, Jim: Problems in his favorite subject.
Seltzer, Joan: Mix much with Scotch?
Semrow, Mary: What business is she going to lead?

Semrow, Sherrill: A tiny girl with big ambitions.
Shanks, Conni: A "model" miss.
Shields, Mary: Mary "dress rot" Shields.
Shiveler, Joanne: How many boys is she going with?
Shreffler, Jack: So, he likes snow storms too!
Siedschlag, Gary: Does he "kibitz" in his classes?
Siverling, Dave: "Maybe I'll stay another year"
Sklenar, Mike: He's cute!
Skoug, Mary: She can 'aforde Ken.
Smith, Jim: Goodo student.

Smith, Judy: She's pinin' for a FUR tree
Smith, Nick: He's always in the library fourth hour.
Sodeman, Wesley: How much for a deposit?
Speerbrecher, Jim: Follow people around much?
Speir, Loris: Will the sun shine bright on your California home?
Spencer, Andy: Happy New Year! Why not get a little Mielke into your system for a change?
Sperle, Sharon: She's a smart cookie!
Spicer, Doug: Smart much?

Spooner, Diane: When you see her, call her "Poopsie."
Stack, Marshall: Someone's robbin' the cradle.
Stamper, Russell: Phay post office much?
Stats, Gail: Hic! What did you brew in chemistry?
Steeg, Kathy: Really like those cool silk...
Steele, Gary: A real Corn ball.

Steffen, Jerry: It's  "Sick Shift" not Stick Shift.
Steinhart, Joanne: Dave-deramin' is her favorite pastime.
Stephenson, Adelle: What's the latest night riding apparel?
Stevenson, Susie: And what mood are you in today?
Stier, John: It seems 2nd hour study hall's cassanova can't get his work done.

Stillman, Hank: Stills has a Cool time even in the hot summer.
Stine, Peggy: "Butch"
Stoll, Lana: She's on Cloud 9 with Johnny Angel.
Stoltz, Dick: Goes out for track and comes into English with a red face.
Stoufer, J.P.: Who ever heard of a Joe-Swim being allergic to Chlorine?

Strasburg, Gary: Fritz is your faithful companion.
Strobel, Sharon: Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine.
Studer, Sharon: She wants a Toni.
Suleski, Donald: Don't you just love Problems?
Swan, Mike: Again, no comment.
Swartz, Kathy: Know anyone with a red Triumpth?
Sutter, Dick: Get hit much going over fences?

Tans, Wayne: Could he be learnin'about Berlin in German in Germany?...or is that Gerlin?
Tans, Billl: Bill swims well with Gills.
Tetzlaff, Susie: Her now hobby is guns...she's got a Tommy.
Theos, John: No, I go barefoot.
Thiel, Pat: Have surprise parties much?
Thompson, Gary: Turtles

Thompson, Jeannine: Dye you say?
Tingle, Marie: Everything still NORMal?
Tinnes, Dan: Can't wait to get out.
Tinnes, Gail: Somebody's got a sunburn!
Tinnes, Judy: Where's the best place to go on Friday nights?

Tomfohrde, Ken: Fill 'er up!
Trad, John: Pretty Lake's Boat Demon.
Traugott, Karen: She's after John's Son.
Trovato, Judy: She's got a TEDdy bear.
Trovato, Sally: How's the octopus?
Turan, Terri: What's Terri's favorite Berry?
Turner, Jim: Judo Jim.
Turner, Linda: Love that Washington County (especially Feb. 22).

Utke, Aileen, Just call her "green thumb" Utke.

Van Buren, Mike: He'll never forget that New Year's EVE party.
Van Dyke, LeRoy: "Shout, shout, knock yourself out!"
Van Tuinen, Mark: Is he still BARbed?
Venzke, Bruce: Is BVD's worn out because of so much activity?
Vega, Matt:
Vetta, John: "Friar Tuck" isn't so holy.
Villarreal, Joe: He isn't "Sharon" anyone.
Villwock, Kathy: Neeling down might help.
Vogel, Mary: How's Fuber?

Wadleigh, Bobbie: Everyone's not against Bay.
Wagner, Jerry: Mix much with Tom?
Walker, Phil: Walked in any lakes lately?
Ward, Susie: "Why watch the track team when you can watch the officials?"
Warren, Diane: What you warren about?
Watson, Jay: Watt's on the beam.
Watson, Jim: The Brookfield Bomber.

Watson, Jim: "Why wear that silly crash helmet, Dave?
Weinke, Benjamin: "How ya been, Ben?" to quote a famous phrase.
Weiss, Mike: Weiss guy.
Wells, Bonnie; Her new name is Bubbles.
Wells, Claude: See you at the Jablonowski reunion.
Wellstein, Jerry: Working on a big spark; what a shock!
Wenniger, Mary Dee: The golf pro likes late shows.
Werner, Bonnie: Get your Phil of swimming in pits?
Werner, Bob: Any relation to Bonnie?
Weyer, Mildred: Who's she weyered to?
Weytons, Shirley: She's "Wey-ton" for Waukesha and Cooney to connect.
Wheaton, Jim: "Wheatless"

Wheeler, Ron: How's the wright problem?
Whipple, Ron: Why is he always laughting in welding class?
Wick, Tom: Where's your candle?
Wieczorek, Judy: A real clown.
Wiesenthal, Bob: Don't be a Senior Quip.
Wilcox, Paul: The Wild Greek.
Williams, Dave: He gets mileage up to 811 per night.
Williams, Kathy: Habla usted espanol?
Wilson, Sandy: And what will you miss after you graduate.

Winchell, Chris: She's a real sport.
Wolfe, Tom: Let's burn one more.
Woller, Kathy: "I don't get it."
Wright, Bill: Goes for blue Corvairs.
Wros, Ed: He's got a hot but cool car.
Wulfe, Torunn: Ever been lost in the "Glenn?"

Yatzeck, Jim: The flirt of 5th hour problems.
Young, Sandy: How's Bob-White?
Zastrow, Mary Lou: Get expelled much?
Zdradzinski, Connie: She's got a J.F. that isn't a Kennedy.
Zettl, Mike: One of those uncommon "Z's."
Ziech, Den: His heart pitter-PATs for sophomores.
Zimmerman, John: He gets his bangs on the piano.
Zinns, Denise
Ziolkowski, Joe: What's so interesting at Brookfield?
Zeigler, Wayne: You say you're pretty far down the alpha bet?